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Hey my ILC peeps.
I'm SO joyful about summer coming.
And yet, INCREDIBLY apprehensive about being staff again. I just got the staff packet in the mail, and it made me curiously nervous. I still don't know what department I'm in, which is part of my inner queasiness.
What are everyone else's thoughts on changing roles and seeing ILC in a new light? I got a taste of staff-hood last year, which was fun, but this time I'll actually belong, which is almost more scary to me :P I mean, I'm REALLY excited. It was so much fun. It's just the idea that so many new things happened to me last summer and so many new things will happen again this summer. I'm wondering who I'll chill with, which friendships are really solid and which ones are fun but might fall by the wayside...there are just so many questions rumbling around inside of me.

I wanna open up this "forum" again. What're everyone's views on changing stuff? (if you're already staff, what information can you enlighten us with?)

Truly and lovingly,
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